1° Whitewater packrafting meeting – an ultralight gathering, guest of a prestigious gathering.

A gathering for european packrafters? It can be done!

Let’s meet up from the 3 to the 8 august at:

Camping Du Lac -Les Iscles

Eygliers -Hautes Alpes. Francia.

Guests of the 38° International Summer Gathering

of the Federazione Italiana Canoa Turistica F.I.C.T.

which will be held from the 1 to the 16 august 2015.

It will be possible to join the descents organized by the F.I.C.T., and to take advantage of the assistance of river guides whom will ensure the safety of the activity. It’s will also be possible to organize more classic packrafting descents independently. The base for the gathering is the bank of the Durance, a great river accessible by the vast part of fluvial means (rafting, kayak, canoe, hydrospeed, river SUP). It’s in fact one of the most appreciated sites for those sports and one of the most popular in Europe. The packrafting gathering will last from the 3rdto the 8thaugust; who wants to stop during this period will find good company for the descents.

DURANCE (for everyone)                                                                     A Provencal saying from the XVIII century identified the three Provence’s scources on the Durance, the Mistral and the Parliament. Although the last two are still there, the first has been eliminated, by domating its waters in the Serre Ponçon lake, the largest artificial reservoir in Europe. A descent of the Durance starting from l'Argentière La Bassée slalom course to the Camping des Iscles is the first stretch of this beginners river with sections of class 2 and 3 (difficulty grades issued by the ICF International Canoe Federation).  The second stretch, starting from the Camping des Iscles and arriving at the famous Rabioux wave consists at the beginning of about 300 mt of class 3 descent and ends with the really fun Rabioux wave. The third and last stretch starts from the Rabioux wave ends at the Embrun Lake. The total distance for those 3 stretches is about 35km. There are many  southern and northern tributaries: the class 2-3-4 La Clareè, La Guisanne, the class 4 l’Onde, the class 4-5 la Gironde an the Guil and the Ubaye which are level 4-5 with a section level 5.


The Guisane descends from the 2056mt of the Col du Lautaret. It’s a torrent which, on the section from Saint Chaffrey to Briançon has rapids that reach the a level of difficulty 5 as the valley is quite narrow. There are sections of 3rd-4th class like the one from Chantemerle to Pont Carle de Saint Chaffrey, or sections of  2nd class like the one from Les Guibertes to Chantemerle. The area is really nice and the river flows at the north-west borders of the Des Ecrins Massif. During the route two downstream barriers are found, the first one is to be inspectioned carefully as, in case of high volumes of waters, a hydraulics forms.



The Guil descends from the Monviso and crosses the Queyras Regional Natural Park the small mountainous region in which is found the highest town of Europe: Saint Veran at 2040 mt. This alpine torrent of great beauty is great fun for canoeists of every level; leaving out the low gorges (ideal level of water is rarely found and it’s full of impracticable passages). The 25km from Abries to the Lake of the Maison du Roy dam reserve adrenaline and entertainment for everyone. The last section from the Eygliers bridget to the Durance confluence, is the classic beginner’s section as it’s 2nd class. 

The CAMPING CLUB DES ISCLES of Eygliers Mont Dauphine-Gare, situated slightly upstream from the confluence of the Durance with the Guil, is a real paradise for the holidays and can please even for who does not kayak or is just starting to. There is a small lake within the camping where it’s possible to swim. There are a wide range of available activities from horseback walks, bike rides and mountain walks on defined paths to glacier excursions, planes flights gliders flights, paragliding and guided rafting trips. Wind-surf can also be done at the Serre de Ponçon Lake (Embrun). Another reason for which the gathering F.I.C.T. takes place here, is that within a radious of 50-60km you can descend rivers of all grades, from the 1stto the 5thclass. This is how you, not-so-expert canoeist can descend those rivers based on your capabilities, accompanied by the knowledgeable guides of the “Federazione Italiana Canoa Turistica”.

The “Guides” are expert canoeist which, before acquiring the patent issued by the “Kayak Academy” body of the F.I.C.T. are, amongst other things, subject to strict tests which consist in the overcoming of considerable aquatic difficulties. This is how we can ensure that the river descent happens in total safety. Also, thanks to the Eygliers municipality, the “BATIMENT DE MILLE CLUB” , a covered structure where in the evening delicious dinner can be prepared autonomously, will be available to spend the evening a all together. If you play an instrument, bring it with you! 


The cost of the gathering is € 15 + € 5 card FICT

Booking is not required for the camping (numbered pitches excluded)

The camping is 1000 m above sea level. On sunny days you can comfortably wear only your swim suit, but in the event of rain the temperature drops considerably, especially during the evening and at night. We advise thus to also bring warm clothing (wind jacked and a fleece jumper).

The breakfast and lunch is not provided and everyone will have to provide for themselves. For dinner, you can eat with the group by booking a meal at the volunteers run kitchen. Who wants to dine with the group will have to bring its own glass and cutlery. A free dish will be given at the time of registration for the gathering, together with a t-shirt, a waterproof bag, a sticker, a lottery ticket and a discount coupon for the camping tariffs.

Preferential prices valid during the F.I.C.T gathering (1-16 august):

For the single canoeist (canoist+car+tent), the fee is of euro 6,70 euro + visitors tax (0,35€)

Children + 12 years €. 4,30 ,

Children below 12 years: €. 3,60,

Children below 2 years stay for free.  

Pets: €.1,80 (please keep your dog on the lead and muzzled if necessary). It is compulsory to clean after your dog.

Electricity (10 amper) €.3,70,

Additional vehicles or motorbikes €3,40

To enter and exit the reception you will be given a personal magnetic badge against a deposit of €.30,00

The badge works once for the entry and once for the exit. If you use it twice to enter, it will block making you look dishonest! The numerated pitches are reserved to families and can be booked only for periods of at least 10 nights with the use of the electricity. To book its necessary a deposit of 100 € with cheque or bank transfer. 5€ of visitor taxes are to be detracted from the deposit.

For any issues, please contact the omnipresent F.I.C.T President Arcangelo Pirovano or just come to the Bàtiment which acts as a secretary. I must remind you that the camping is like a big condo where education is the principle for a pacific coexistence, so please avoid high volume music, shouting or anything that can bother others, especially during night hours or during the afternoon rest.

When you get to the camping, it’s necessary to stop on the outside parking, otherwise you will block the access. At the reception you will only need to say that you are there for the international canoeists gathering.

Tourism: the area is very rich of touristic attractions: 3km from the camping there’s the Mont Dauphine UNESCO heritage. Briançon is also UNESCO heritage. There is then Guillestre, Embrun, Barcellonette , the Le Barre des Encrin national park and the Queyras regional park besides 5 of the most famous hills from the tour de France the Larche/Maddalena, Vars , Agnel , Izoard , Montgenèvre. The whole area has many Romanesque churches.

During the gathering it will be possible to test packrafts made available by packraftinstore.

Some pictures from the previous gatherings.

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Immagini dal sito del Canoa Club Milano

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Ti ricordiamo che:

1- I fiumi vanno discesi con attrezzature e abbigliamento adatto al tipo di percorso affrontato.
2- Per discendere i fiumi bisogna frequentare dei corsi di canoa tenuti da personale qualificato.
3- I principianti durante le discese devono essere affiancati e consigliati da guide esperte.
4- Una discesa non si effettua mai in solitaria, il numero minimo dei partecipanti può variare a seconda della preparazione dei canoisti e delle difficoltà che si possono incontrare.

5- Il packrafting permette un'accesso semplificato all'acqua mossa, ciò può portare a sovrastimare le proprie capacità. E' perciò necessario conoscere quali sono i rischi presenti in fiume. E avere le competenze tecniche e la prestanza fisica per ridurli sino alla soglia di accettabilità.